Walter Viner

Certified Executor Advisor

For the past 50 years I have helped advise my clients through my law practice, initially as Speal, Viner and then growing over time to Viner, Kennedy, Frederick, Allan & Tobias, commonly known as Viner, Kennedy.

As a Legal Chair of a Canada Pension Plan Tribunal, I travelled throughout Ontario hearing Appeals and have gained an insight into the lives of the disadvantaged. This has made me a more concerned individual who wishes to continue to contribute to my community.

Recently, I qualified as a Certified Member of the Canadian Institute of Certified Executor Advisors.

With my experience, and as a creative problem solver, I can assist in any of the following areas:

  • Guiding you as an Executor so as to avoid costly errors and delays.
  • Suggesting pitfalls to avoid if considering a Will or Power of Attorney.
  • In advising small and family businesses with succession planning.
  • As mediator in conflicts and disputes as an alternative to litigation.

My role is to give you confidence and to help facilitate you and your other professionals to obtain the best results.